Live Webcast!

15 thoughts on “Live Webcast!

  1. HL Kumar

    Why the Mrindangist is not shown at all..??
    The camera shows only the Vocalist and Violinist..!!

  2. Praveen Srinivasan

    Excellent webcast. A treat to the ears. A big thanks to the people who are making these live webcasts a reality.

  3. krishnakumar

    pranams, first time am listening to this web site, and am more happy to know more live concerts like this, since am from hyderabad, have very less oppurtunity tolisten to such live and lovely concerts. may GOD bless all concerned for enjoying blissful music. pranams.

  4. rss

    wonderful to see all the young artistes together under the guidance of the experienced Sowmya Madam. Webcast- a boon to the people who can’t attend the live programme. Thanks to the organizers.

  5. sita krishnamoorthy

    I am unable to get yesterday’s live webcast of Ramanatakam. Will it be archived to view at a later date?
    With gratitude for your services.


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