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We have already begun work on many of our goals through ARTery – the portal, however, as we move along we face challenges like every other venture. Though Classical Indian performing arts are thriving, they face several challenges in keeping quality and traditions intact. The major challenge to sustainability is the lack of steady funding to present performances, lectures & workshops and to publish quality content in the form of books, CDs, journals and online archives. Corporate sponsorship has helped in sustaining art. However, such support fluctuates widely depending on the economic environment and there are occasions when the sponsor’s goals are not in line with the needs of the art! Reducing the dependence on corporate sponsorship is possible only with the generous and sustained support of individual donors. Hence we reach out you, the rasikas of this tradition, to help us realize our goals through this Center for Excellence.

Funding campaign: A dollar a day!
In about 1000 days from now – Sept 2017 – we will be celebrating the birth centenary of Sangita Kalanidhi Dr. S. Ramanathan, one of the greatest scholars & musicians that ever graced the Indian performing arts scene. With your generous support, we would like to channel all our activities into the establishment of the “Dr. S. Ramanathan Centre of Excellence”, coinciding with his centenary. It would be our most fitting tribute and memorial to that humble yet relentless pursuer of knowledge!

We request your support of at least $1 a day, if not more, for this 1000-day mission!

– $1000: Individual donor
– $5000: Individual founder patron (lifetime)
– $10000: Group donor (if you represent a music organization or gurukulam with multiple members / students)
– $25000: Corporate founder patron (lifetime)

You may also support by sponsoring or donating towards some of our specific activities:

1. Sponsor a lecture-demonstration and/or workshop with live webcast
2. Towards compilation of a digital library for music students
3. Live webcasts and on-demand views in association with educational and art institutions worldwide
4. Sponsor performances (as part of the festivals ARTery curates and other monthly concerts at temples and cultural monuments)
5. Ads in our monthly magazine

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