We are working towards establishing a world-class Center for Excellence for Indian performing arts that will serve as a globally accessible state-of-the-art repository for authentic artistic content and traditions

  1. Curate and present uniquely ideated Indian performing arts events in India and USA, with specific focus on cross-platform collaboration between artistes of various genres
  2. Host periodic lectures, workshops and teaching camps by acknowledged experts and make it accessible to audiences worldwide.
  3. Identify and promote promising talent with a level playing field for all aspirants
  4. Highlight diverse indigenous art forms such as Kathakali, Tevaram, Koodiyattam, Yakshagana, Bhagavata Mela, etc. that are under-represented
  5. Compile and archive expert content into a world-class globally accessible repository
  6. Createmobile apps inuser-friendly contemporary format to attract younger audiences and kindle their interest in Classical Music and allied art forms.
  7. Publish our monthly magazine featuring high-quality content including articles, columns, photographs targeted towards the younger generation of rasikas.
  8. Curate an online radio channel that produces and broadcasts content sourced from several thousand hours of recordings from our archives
  9. Periodically release select content as albums & books (electronic and hardcopy)

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