The ARTery, founded in Chennai in 2011 as a contemporary arts magazine has seen a steady growth over the last few years into a unique arts promotion portal that curates creative thought and channels them into unique events and publications with the help of contemporary technologies.


We have curated and presented unique festivals, including:

  • Voices of Tomorrow: a path-breaking festival for young and promising Indian classical vocalists
  • Svatantra: a unique festival celebrating artistic freedom, coinciding with the commemoration of India’s Independence, every year during the week of Aug 15th. This festival focuses on bringing together diverse art forms such as music, dance and drama under the same roof.


The ARTery has produced two unique mobile apps:

  • The ARTery App, for users to legally download Indian classical music albums
  • The Chennai Music Season App, an interactive guide to Chennai’s annual music season with in-built social networking that lets users share their season experiences in real-time, right from a performance venue!


All our events and festivals have been webcast live worldwide, with the aim of delivering quality content to art lovers from all over the world.

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  1. G.Santhanam

    i was quite fascinated by your recent lec cum music on Srirangam. Can you please enroll me in your mailing list for the events. Thanks.


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